Home about contact thyroid parathyroid adrenal links home about contact thyroid parathyroid adrenal links top home about contact thyroid parathyroid adrenal links search men syndromes genetics men1 syndrome men2 syndromes multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome - genetics most endocrine surgical problems occur in a sporadic fashion, but some tumours occur because of a genetic problem. generic viagra online pharmacy india When a patient develops several of these tumours, affecting a number of different endocrine glands at once, they may be part of a complex syndrome due to a genetic or inherited abnormality. The most common of these clusters of tumours occur in the multiple endocrine neoplasia syndromes (men syndromes), which are the subject of this section of the website. Genetics most patients when diagnosed with one of the men syndromes are concerned about what it means to have a genetic or inherited disease, that runs in families. buy generic viagra online Every cell in the body has thousands of genes that make up a 'code book' for all of the body's functions. viagra cost These genetic codes are transmitted from parents to their children, with each parent contributing half of their genes to each child. can a person with high blood pressure use viagra Like a lot of things that are 'lost in translation', the transmission of this genetic code can go wrong and an abnormality can occur in one specific gene - a mutation. order viagra online People with certain genetic mutations, which are detailed below, can develop one of the men syndromes. meaning of viagra bathtubs Fig. average age viagra use 1: diagram of the autosomal dominant inheritance pattern the mutation is normally quite specific, and passed on in a specific way by autosomal dominant inheritance (fig. average age viagra use 1), which means that: affected patients will only develop one type of men syndrome (related to their specific mutation) there is a 50/50 chance of passing on this inherited abnormality to each child the child can only develop the men syndrome if they inherit the mutation the affected child can only develop the same men syndrome as their parent (again related to the specific mutation) once diagnosed with one type of men syndrome, there is no increased risk of developing the other form of men syndrome in either the affected patient or their children even if there is a family history, a parent cannot pass on the mutation unless they have it themselves (i. E: they have men syndrome themselves) of course, all genetic abnormalities have to start somewhere, so that a small percentage of patients will have no family history and be new mutations. viagra samples In men2b nearly half of all cases arise as new mutations, but in the other types this figure is much lower. where can i buy viagra in birmingham Genetic testing is available to sort out whether a genetic mutation has occurred, which helps not only in the management of the condition, but also will determine the risk of passing on the abnormality to any children. buy viagra canada There are three types of men syndromes, which each have specific genetic abnormalities a. generic viagra quick delivery